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The Museum has led worship for hundreds of Conferences, Churches, Camps & Events since founding in 2008. We’ve led for small groups in churches of 100 or less (even one time for 7 people :)) … as well as conferences and arenas for thousands, even performing the national anthem for 70,000 fans at the Kansas City Chiefs game! The Museum would be honored to partner with your ministry!

Please send us an email with the vision for your event and we'd love to see how The Museum can play a part. Email us :: * Event Date(s) *Vision *Expected Attendance *Budget estimate available & any other information you may have!


"The Museum brings the energy of a band with the heart of worship leaders. I have been all over the world with Ben and the guys, and what happens off the stage authenticates what happens on the stage."

~ J. Roger Davis, President - YM 360

"The Museum serves Jesus' church and His people. Their ministry is built on not just incredible talent but more importantly building relationships. They understand how to take a ministry moment and create a faith memory."

~Warren Gasaway, Director, Super Summer Arkansas

"The best band I have worked with. They were very easy to communicate with prior to the event and during the event they spent lots of time interacting with the students at the camp and with our leadership. Incredible guys, cannot say enough about our experience with them."

~Sean Mills, Next Generation Pastor, (Former Director of Super Summer Arkansas)

“We LOVED having The Museum as part of the National Youth Workers Convention. Even before having them with us we were fans of the style, quality and content of their music. Once at the convention we became fans of them. They were awesome to work with, respected the event, understand ministry and connected really well with the youth pastors in attendance. It was a no brainer to invite them back as well as recommend them to others.”

~Tic Long, Executive Director of Youth Specialties